Does your financial advisor care about you?

Not really, if she never asks about your existing investment portfolio.

Without knowing what you already have, how can she offer advice that suits you?

Suitability is not only about risk tolerance. It’s also about how a new investment interacts with your current portfolio – that is, how you can take advantage of diversification.
TREND by CONTRENDIAN, you experiment with different scenarios, find ideas, backtest your portfolio and optimize it for the best return/risk combination through effective diversification algorithms developed by Nobel laureates.
That’s how the pros do it.  Now you can too.

Your ideas.  Professionally managed.

First-Ever Tool to Achieve Efficient Portfolio Frontiers

TREND is the first-ever investment analysis tool to help investors optimize portfolios to achieve the best return/risk possibilities based on the Modern Portfolio Theory.

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Proven Investment Principles Developed by Nobel Laureates

The Modern Portfolio Theory, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Option Pricing Theory and Factor Models are all core components of the TREND Analytics Engine.  These theories were developed by various renowned Nobel Prize laureates in Economics.

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Professional Investment Process on Your Mobile

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Effective Customer Acquisition and Product Recommendation

Partnering with financial institutions including brokerages, financial advisers and mutual fund houses, the platform offers its relationship channels an advanced analytic tool to attract and engage customers. For fund companies, it is an effective demonstration of why their products uniquely fit customers’ needs.

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See Why It Makes Sense

Powered by Winning Team of Experienced Portfolio Managers

Hong Kong Economic Journal
November 27, 2017

Home-Grown AI Investment Fund Overcomes Human Weaknesses
Robot Fund Manager Repeatedly Reiterates “Risk-On” to Take Full Advantage of Rally

Artificial intelligence (AI) is competing with humans for numerous lines of work, with fund managers being particularly at risk.  The world’s largest asset management company, BlackRock, is adopting AI and big data for investing; Man Group, a major hedge fund in the UK, had started training a robot five years ago and began trading in 2014 to generate a 15% annual return since.  In Hong Kong, two fund managers left the traditional asset management industry to develop an AI-assisted quantitative algorithm.  Riding the recent market rally, the fund generated a respectable return in the few months since it started investing.

FinTech Awards Winner in Wealth & Investment Management

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